About Us

We believe that food is the most important commodity to sustain life that is why for the past 5 years we have worked to research, acquire and supply agroproduce to all over the globe.


Through our creative approach to business we ensure that our customers get the best experience, the best goods and the best prices.


Whatever we begin, we finish. We believe that dedication to our clientele transcends business as we protect their interests.


At Creativo El Matador we only stop when the work is done. We go the extra mile to ensure we deliver every time.

Our story

In 2013, a group of young people got together to change the way agrobusiness was conducted in Africa. They believed that they could change the perception of Africa in the international market by being creative in their approach, dedicated in their mission and resilient in their passion.

Thus Creativo El Matador was born. Creativo El Matador is an Agricultural Exports and Logistics company dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to agro business.