Raw Cashew Nuts

The raw nuts, got from the cashew tree, are cooked and used in dishes such as soups and stews in some parts of India, as well as roasted and eaten plain or salted in many countries.

It is also processed into snacks and other non-edible sources. Its oil, processed from the nuts, is a popular choice for cooking and salad dressing. The by-products of the processed cashew nuts are also used in the manufacture of drugs and antioxidants.

The Season starts in February of the year to June/July of the same year while stocks may be available for extended transaction further into the months of the same year. Our major patronage is from India, China and Vietnam.

Our client base is in Asia and Europe maintaining global standards in quality control and packaging.

Colour: Ash/White

Moisture: 5% max

Broken: 5% max