Dried Hibiscus Sifting

Hibiscus Sabdariffa, commonly known as the Hibiscus Flower, is used differently in many countries for tea, medicinal purposes, animal fodder, etc. Due to its diverse use, the dried hibiscus flower, known in Nigeria as Zobo, has enjoyed an increase in demand the world over.

Internationally, the Dried Hibiscus Flower is processed into hot and cold herbal beverages, jellies, confectioneries, etc. It is one of our chief exports. We are particular about the process of preparation, packaging and storage of the Hibiscus Flowers picked on our farms to reduce the possibility of contamination and to assure our clients of our unwavering commitment to high quality. Our sourced commodities are shipped regularly to Mexico, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and the rest of Europe.

Moisture: 7% max

Colour: Dark Red

Quantity: 1 x 40′ high cube container = 20.000 M/Tons net

Packaging: 50 kg net bags